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Aug 28, 2020

Lately, we have seen more disappointing behavior from religious and political leaders.  I've been thinking about the way Jesus crossed the aisle to speak healing to the Roman Centurion's son.  I've been thinking about what leadership is and isn't, and I believe God is calling us higher and blessing us with empowering...

Apr 10, 2020

Culture expects women to serve and subserve, but what happens when a woman is called to lead in a way that her culture doesn't approve of?  This week's episode is a peek behind the scenes into what happens on the quiet side of the podcast.  I believe you will find this helpful in whatever you are facing right now in the...

Feb 18, 2020

Brynn Burger of on how simple living can give you your life back.

Feb 14, 2020

4th in the series challenges us to face our purpose like a warrior would.  How can you approach your life as Joan of Arc would? 

Feb 11, 2020

Continuing our conversation on purpose by asking the question: Who am I here to serve?  And applying what we know of ourselves like a judge would... how will we serve?